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Access to the Joe Alon center is from the Be'er Sheva - Kiryat Gat road,
3 km south of the Beit Kama junction. When coming from the south it is 6 km north of the lehavim junction (the road to Soket and arad).
Turn east at the Devira-Lahav turnoff. Drive 8 km. up the road to a fork in the road. follow the right-hand road for 1 km to the center's parking lot, amongst the trees of the Lahav Forest.
Access from the south via the Tel-Shoqet-Lehavim road is at the mid-point 8 km. east or west from the main road turn north at the signpost and continue for 5 km. Through the Lahav Forest. All roads are posted with orange signs in the direction of the center.

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